IZI Medical Products, a manufacturer and distributor of quality medical devices, has launched a new Threaded Spherz for use in image-guided surgery.

The Threaded Spherz are retro-reflective passive markers that are compatible with Brainlab navigation systems.

According to IZI Medical Products, a proprietary safety feature permits the Threaded Spherz to be visible under x-ray and CT imaging.

The ready-to-use, disposable sterile markers from IZI provide auto-registration and localization of anatomical structures that enable surgeons to wireless track the position and orientation of any device from a frame of reference.

IZI Medical Products COO Helen Shafer said the new Threaded Spherz allow surgeons to track tools and map patient anatomy through procedures.

"IZI is a provider of sales of spheres and offers customers quality, customer service and competitive pricing," Shafer said.