UroWorx is designed to enhance the clinical, business and financial performance of smaller practices.

It is meant for both existing and new NextGen practices and can be uploaded remotely. Existing NextGen Healthcare clients can expect enhanced urology workflow features and efficiencies.

UroWorx for NextGen delivers tools, templates, and workflow specific to the needs of urology, developed with the help of leading urologists. Quickly and accurately diagnosing, treating, and managing patients with the help of easy-to use diagnostic-driven templates.

Configured and designed to fully integrate with NextGen knowledge base model (KBM) 8.1, UroWorx provides urologists with a specialty EHR platform to enhance productivity, accuracy and patient care.

ITelagen CEO John O’Keefe noted as a value-added reseller for NextGen Healthcare, the company wanted to differentiate themselves in the market.

"UroWorx’ specialized templates and database of urology information offers urologists time- and cost-savings features and functions for their practices," O’Keefe added.

The product provides key application features and functions urologists need to be successful and compatible with their EHR.

Offering practices cost flexibility, UroWorx can be implemented as a combined solution or as a stand-alone application.

Regardless, UroWorx for NextGen Healthcare is provided by ITelagen as part of a total solution for urology practices which includes implementation, maintenance, hosting and support for one low monthly fee.

The ITelagen approach makes UroWorx for NextGen Healthcare affordable for many practices, regardless of size.