The EndoPAT device enables pre-clinical studies examining the efficacy of various compounds in the early stage of drug development essential for later stage development in humans.

Itamar Medical president and CEO Dov Rubin said EndoPAT device is a non-invasive technology designed to diagnose and monitor endothelial dysfunction, which constitutes an early stage of cardiovascular diseases in humans.

"Following on from our work with Roche in clinical studies, we are pleased to further our collaboration that will reinforce our strategy of EndoPAT playing a major role in developing personalized medicine and companion diagnostics," Rubin said.

Itamar Medical CTO and senior vice president Koby Sheffy said EndoPAT offers the non-invasive, FDA-cleared technology for detecting endothelial dysfunction that is easily applied and totally operator independent in humans.

"This advanced development positions the EndoPAT to be the technology of choice to assess endothelial dysfunction in cardiovascular drugs development from the early animal model through the different clinical phase trials in humans," Sheffy said.