IsoRay has announced that IASIS Medical has received formal approval for the sale of IsoRay’s complete product line in Greece.

IASIS Medical is ideally suited to support IsoRay’s products, which utilize the uniqueness of our Cesium-131 isotope to attack cancers in the prostate and other body sites, such as brain cancer, head and neck cancer, lung cancer and gyn cancers.

Furthermore citizens of Greece residing on islands and non-metropolitan areas will have more access to localized care, while providing patients with a better quality of life than many competing treatments.

Internationally IsoRay is obtaining increasing recognition in the world marketplace for cancer treatments as more physicians and surgeons are made aware of the power of Cesium-131through posters/abstracts at conventions and soon to be published studies.

IsoRay chairman and CEO Dwight Babcock noted the company is very optimistic about the unique opportunities for growth in Greece for its expanding product line and look to the international market to contribute in the future of IsoRay’s profitability.

"IsoRay’s products currently carry FDA clearance and the CE Mark, making them eligible to be sold in 31 European nations. Physicians and institutions throughout the US are continuing to report outstanding results in the use of our Cs-131 seeds for brain cancer, head and neck cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancers.

"As peer reviewed papersare released we anticipate a growing acceptance and interest in our products. We remain committed to our strategic national and international marketing objectives and believe this will contribute to our long term success and shareholder value," Babcock added.