Prior to implementing iSirona, Wise Regional had spent countless hours in manually charting patient data. In addition, the average amount of time between the generation of data by a patient monitor and when it is authenticated in Siemens MedSeries4 Clinical Suites is six times less. This decrease in latency greatly improves the timeliness and availability of data for clinical decision-making.

Further, Wise Regional’s monitor technicians previously spent four hours of every shift printing approximately 80 reports. The printing requirements have disappeared, leaving the monitor technicians with considerably more time to monitor the patients on telemetry units and interpret ECG strips.

Wise Regional Health System provides a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services to a service area that includes Wise, Jack and Montague counties. It operates a cardiac catheterization laboratory, a full-service dialysis center and one of the emergency departments in a hospital its size in Texas. It also operates rehabilitation and psychiatric facilities in its newly renovated West Campus.