IQVIA today announced the launch of IQVIA MedTech and its dedicated industry focused solutions and services for the medical device and in vitro diagnostics market, and for companies with combination products.

IQVIA MedTech empowers companies to orchestrate operations across their entire product lifecycle, from concept-to-market, providing quality control, regulatory, safety and compliance solutions along the way.

“We have served more than 800 MedTech clients in more than 70 countries by delivering an extensive suite of products, services and domain expertise for this space and for our customers’ needs,” said Bhavik Patel, senior vice president, IQVIA MedTech. “From helping our clients develop and execute clinical trials to entering new markets to managing regulatory processes, IQVIA MedTech supports a company’s individual needs worldwide.”

With access to cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise, IQVIA MedTech breaks down silos across the product lifecycle and provides information at a geographic scale to drive expansion into global markets. Using innovative technology and tailored-consulting services, dedicated IQVIA MedTech account teams help companies address global implications of client compliance programs and develop strategies to keep pace within constantly evolving environments.

IQVIA MedTech’s comprehensive suite of Clinical to Commercial solutions including Integrated Global Compliance involving Regulatory Intelligence (RID), Regulatory Information Management (RIM) and Enterprise Quality Management (QMS) and Commercial Compliance provide for comprehensive regulatory and compliance needs. Additionally, MedTech products, managed services, and consulting offerings can help companies automate and address vigilance and safety processes. IQVIA MedTech offers a unique single-source alternative to disparate providers, yet integrates well with existing systems and processes.

Source: Company Press Release