Ipsen and bioMerieux have signed a framework to create a global collaboration in theranostics, with a focus on hormone-dependent cancers.

Both companies will jointly identify programs that would benefit from the co-development of a therapeutic and a companion diagnostic test, notably in the prevention and treatment of prostate and breast cancers, neuro-endocrine tumors (NETs) and pituitary tumors.

The partnership emphasizes Ipsen’s and bioMerieux’s expertise in the emerging field of personalized medicine, a concept based on the systematic use of individual patient molecular information to tailor specific preventive and therapeutic solutions.

The early development of companion diagnostic tests and compounds may accelerate early clinical proof of concept and support the registration of Ipsen clinical drug candidates.

Institut Merieux Christian Brechot vice president said their goal is to reinforce personalized medicine and contribute through this partnership to the novel paradigm in medicine, which is increasingly ‘patient-driven’ rather than ‘disease-driven’.