The system has been developed for use in operating room settings as an alternative to surgical staples, sutures and sealants.

IonMed CEO Shai Levanon said: "The use of cold plasma holds enormous promise as a new therapeutic paradigm in wound care, and more broadly in medicine.

"With the CE Mark clearance of Bioweld1, our first system, we have achieved important validation for our technology, a key milestone for the company, and a significant step towards commercialization."

The Bioweld1 system combines a plasma generating device, which includes disposable plasma emitting head and medical plaster, and Chitoplast that covers the wound and assists in approximating the incision edges.

The Chitoplast solder is affixed to the incision edges to seal the incision and promote coagulation and healing, while plasma jet is applied along the incision edge.

IonMed develops and commercializes non-thermal (cold) plasma technology, which can be used in surgical wound closure and wound healing.