The Audion6 amplifier, which is designed to fit into a wide array of application, has a complete set of proven adaptive features for improving the user experience.

In addition, the company is launching its Lumen 1000 wireless hearing system at the hearing health conference.

IntriCon president and chief executive officer Mark Gorder said the Lumen system incorporates the company’s intuitive Physiolink wireless technology to allow clear communication.

"The flexStrem, voiceStream and tvStream accessories allow audio or music, television audio or a companion’s voice to be wirelessly broadcasted directly to the hearing aid — making the system significantly more versatile than traditional hearing devices," Gorder added.

"We’re excited to unveil our latest technology advancements at this year’s EUHA event, Europe’s most prestigious hearing health conference."

The company said it will also feature its advanced Lumen 200+ and APT D Open ITC hearing aids at EUHA.