AudioNova is one of Europe’s leading hearing aid providers, operating more than 1,300 retail stores in 11 countries.

Through the program, AudioNova will offer technically advanced hearing devices, manufactured by IntriCon. AudioNova’s smartsound brand is based on IntriCon’s Audion amplifier, which includes proven value-added features such as wide-dynamic-range compression, patented adaptive feedback cancelling and layered noise reduction, at value hearing health price points.

"We are thrilled to work with AudioNova to deliver high-quality, low-cost hearing devices to the European market," said Mark S. Gorder, president and chief executive officer of IntriCon.

AudioNova has begun rollout of the smartsound brand in the Netherlands and intends to expand the program to other targeted European countries in the future.

IntriCon expects to begin shipping product in the third quarter. Revenue from this program is included in the company’s growth estimate for 2015.

IntriCon designs, develops, manufactures and distributes miniature and micro-miniature body-worn devices. The company is focused on three key markets: medical, hearing health, and professional audio communications.