Intelligent Scopes Corp, a subsidiary of Claritas HealthTech Ltd. is pleased to announce it has entered into a know-how agreement with Mayo Clinic to develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for surgical and endoscopic imaging in the field of urology.

Combining the research capabilities and clinical expertise of Mayo Clinic, with the technology of Intelligent Scopes in image enhancement and expertise in development of precision AI diagnostic tools, this collaboration aims to deliver software tools that aid urologists in the detection, surgery, and post-treatment surveillance.

This digital healthcare collaboration intends to deliver reliable AI diagnostic solutions that can be used by urologists globally for accurate detection of bladder cancer and to minimize unnecessary interventions thereby improving patient outcomes.

As per several studies, bladder cancer is one of the costliest cancers due to many factors including the need for ongoing lifetime surveillance and high rates of reoccurrence requiring periodic re-examinations. Diagnostics using cystoscopes for examination of the bladder is challenging, and time and resource intensive. Early and accurate detection has the potential to significantly improve the prognosis for patients and reduce costs to providers and payors.

Dr Rajesh Nair, incoming CEO of Intelligent Scopes commented, “We are excited to work with clinicians at Mayo Clinic and look forward to collaborating on developing innovations to redefine bladder cancer diagnostics that improve the patient journey.” Dr. Nair added, “This collaboration will enable us to leverage on the existing capabilities of both teams with promise to develop the next generation of enhanced and clinically tuned future versions of AI-driven tools for patients and clinicians.”

Source: Company Press Release