Intelerad Medical Systems, a provider of medical imaging PACS and workflow solutions, has launched new embedded Multi-Method Reporting module for their InteleOne and IntelePACS solutions.

Intelerad’s Multi-Method Reporting, designed to accommodate the way radiologists naturally read and report studies, blends dictation, voice recognition and structured reporting together into a single, streamlined workflow.

Intelerad said that with Multi-Method Reporting, radiologists can switch between the different modes of reading, taking advantage of report templates and predefined ‘normal’ reports and when using voice recognition, they can also choose between multiple signing workflows, including self-edit, deferred self-edit, or send to the typist.

Intelerad added that when Multi-Method Reporting is used in conjunction with InteleOne, the productivity gains with Multi-Method Reporting are amplified.

Multi-Method Reporting brings reporting freedom and flexibility to the radiologist, enabling greater productivity as well as ensuring faster turnaround times and results delivery for critical cases.

Intelerad founder and chief technology officer Chris Henri said that finally radiologists can focus on the clinical findings rather than on the underlying tools. In addition, the use of template-driven reporting will provide greater consistency and quality in the final reports and promises significant efficiency gains.