Proteomics 2.0, the new version of the OmicsHub product, has new features such as protein quantification, protein validation, a pathway viewer, automatic reports, an OMSSA search engine, background importation and user roles and permissions.

The web-based multi-user, centralized data management and analysis OmicsHub platform will allow users to address the poor reliability and human error issues and time and data management complexity associated to mass spectrometry experiments.

Integromics designed OmicsHub Proteomics to be a central mass spectrometry data management system to collect, identify, annotate and conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Designed as an end to end server solution for mass spectrometry lab infrastructures, it has a web-based interface for multi-user access.

OmicsHub Proteomics supports both LC-MSMS and 2D-gel workflows and can be extended to meet custom laboratory needs.

Identified proteins obtained as a result of PMF and/or PFF in the commonly used search engines (Mascot, Phenyx and/or OMSSA) are processed by OmicsHub Proteomics to remove any redundancies automatically.

Proteomics data can be exported in PRIDE format enabling lab users to share, publish and report their experimental results.

When providing services externally, automatic HTML reports including descriptive images can also be generated by OmicsHub Proteomics.