Kocak Medical & Laboratory will begin distributing the GlucoTrack devices in Turkey with effect from 14 February 2014. GlucoTrack device sales are expected to commence by the end of the second quarter of 2014.

Based on the minimum purchase requirements contained in the distribution agreement, Kocak Medical is anticipated to purchase a minimum of $4,000,000 of GlucoTrack model DF-F devices from Integrity Applications in the first contract year.

Integrity Applications president and CEO Avner Gal noted this milestone marks the company’s second distribution agreement for GlucoTrack and it is looking forward to providing patients with diabetes a new, non-invasive option for monitoring blood glucose.

"I am confident that the diabetes community in Turkey, as well as other nations, will embrace this tool as a fresh alternative to existing (invasive) blood glucose monitoring options," Gal added.

Integrity Applications has developed the GlucoTrack model DF-F device. The device features a small sensor which clips to the earlobe and measures the wearer’s blood glucose level by taking measurements using three technologies.

The measurements are analyzed using a proprietary algorithm and displayed on a small handheld device.

GlucoTrack received CE Mark approval in Europe and Integrity Applications is likely to seek the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the device in the US.