"Thanks to this agreement between Genoma and IntegraGen, physicians outside the U.S. will now be able to offer parents a genetic predisposition test for autism for their children who have developmental delays," stated Dr. Bernard Courtieu, IntegraGen’s CEO.

"This test will enable the earlier referral and diagnosis of children with autism spectrum disorder and aid clinicians to implement appropriate treatments when they are most effective, before the age of three years.

"We are particularly pleased that Genoma will market the test in Europe and in other markets outside of the US."

Genoma plans to eventually offer the test in all countries where it operates and will market the test for children with suspected developmental disorder or for children who have an older sibling previously diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Genoma will also provide parents consulting services in genetics and all diagnostic services for children and their parents.

IntegraGen is a company specialized in deciphering the human genome by performing genomic analyses for academic and private laboratories and developing diagnostic tools within the fields of oncology and autism.