The Vu a-Pod fusion device is distributed by Integra Spine’s independent distributor network. With required secondary fixation, the SpinPlate technology of the Vu a-Pod fusion device provides an internal locking mechanism that provides implant stability and reduces the risk of unintended implant expulsion.

The Vu a-Pod fusion device also offers a large graft window that allows a bone graft to be packed within the implant to promote autogenous bone fusion and further enhance stability. Integra plans to continue its commercialisation in the US and expand its distribution to include international sites.

James Bruffey of Scripps Clinic Torrey Pines, La Jolla, CA, the surgeon inventor for the Vu a-Pod fusion device, said: “I have almost two years of clinical experience with the Vu a-Pod fusion device and SpinPlate. The footprint and lordosis options available for the PEEK implant have allowed me to optimize graft placement and position for a variety of patient pathologies. The SpinPlate is simple, safe, and secure. It holds the implant at the point of placement, which I think has optimised its clinical performance.

“Fusion rates have been extremely high, and I have noted very few problems with implant subsidence and no issues with implant migration. The simplicity of the SpinPlate has dramatically reduced operative times, and the true zero-profile nature of the implant has resulted in no intraoperative or postoperative vascular injury issues.”

Jaideep Chunduri of Beacon Orthopaedics, Sharonville, OH, a design surgeon for the Vu a-POD fusion device, said: “ALIF devices with integrated screws require additional exposure and may present challenges with screw insertion at difficult angles. The straight approach of Vu a-Pod fusion device allows me to perform the same ALIF surgery with less exposure for the patient and potentially less risk to the great vessels.”