The Panta XL Arthrodesis nail is an excellent addition to our family of hindfoot products, and expands our hindfoot portfolio to include a nailing system specifically targeted for the treatment of Charcot foot, said Robert Paltridge, President of Integra Extremity Reconstruction.

The Panta XL Arthrodesis Nail is a complement to the current Panta product line. It incorporates longer lengths and a conical extremity shape designed to reduce stress at the proximal tip of the nail. Another highlight is the benefit of nail autodynamization. The slot’s proximal edge maintains compression while allowing dynamization with post-operative weight bearing thus providing continuous compression. All these product benefits allow for improved treatment of Charcot patients.

The Panta XL Arthrodesis Nail will be sold by Integra’s Extremity Reconstruction sales organization, which focuses on upper extremity fixation, lower extremity fixation, tendon protection, peripheral nerve repair/protection and wound repair.