Integra president international Debbie Leonetti said, "Integra worked closely with a group of surgeon advisors to make a user-friendly device, and developed an all-in-one design that helps save time and ensures more ease of use."

The Integra Smart Cervical Solution, which is delivered sterile, in a double-blister pack, combines a cervical cage with a 100% synthetic bone substitute.

The implant is pre-filled and attached to a disposable inserter, which allows a ‘no touch’ surgical procedure as the substitute already fills the cage.

The disposable inserter come with a built-in depth stop, which enables a safer way to conduct surgeries.

Integra Orthopedics Europe, Middle East and Africa sales and marketing vice president Stephane Corp said, "In addition to being a surgeon-friendly device that helps streamline the procedure, the synthetic bone substitute of the Integra Smart Cervical Solution may help spare patients an additional surgery to harvest their own bone, limiting the risk of any associated complications."