If approved, the Omnipod system will allow consumer to use their personal Galaxy smartphone to securely control their insulin pump therapy.

Insulet president and COO Shacey Petrovic said: “Over the last few years, there have been many exciting advancements that allow individuals to experience how phone control could improve their diabetes management.”

Samsung Knox mobile security platform, which will be deployed in all Samsung mobile devices, will include overlapping defense and security mechanisms that provide protection against cybersecurity risks.

Insulet’s FDA-cleared Omnipod DASH insulin management system has been developed as an app on a locked-down mobile phone integrating advanced security features.

The Knox platform is said to complement the Omnipod DASH system security features by verifying the integrity of the Samsung mobile device through a series of security checks beginning from the hardware level and extending through the operating system.

The platform will enable users to securely operate their Omnipod System from their smartphone.

Samsung Electronics America chief medical officer and enterprise healthcare VP/GM Dr David Rhew said: “By integrating Samsung smartphones with drug delivery medical devices like Insulet’s Omnipod System, we’ve demonstrated that consumer-based digital health technologies can not only monitor and track one’s condition, but they can enable patient control of medical treatments.

“As chronic conditions like diabetes continue to increase in prevalence across all demographics, integrated partnerships between consumer technology and medical device companies, with support from regulators, will help establish a new paradigm of consumerism in healthcare in which medical care adapts to consumer lifestyle and preference.”

Based in Massachusetts, Insulet has developed Omnipod insulin management system as an alternative to traditional insulin delivery methods.

With simple and wearable design, the disposable pod offers up to three days of non-stop insulin delivery, without the requirement to see or handle a needle.

The firm’s Omnipod technology platform can also be used for the delivery of non-insulin subcutaneous drugs across other therapeutic areas.