The software integration supports academic and commercial researchers studying genes affects and individuals response to drug treatments.

According to the companies, joint customers will have a clear workflow to analyse pre-clinical and clinical data in the context of signaling and metabolic pathways, networks and cellular processes available in IPA.

TransMed Systems CEO Nick Berens said that the integration between XB-BIS and IPA will enable physicians, clinicians and researchers to integrate the latest biological content, pathways and molecular networks into their translational medicine and research.

“These enhanced capabilities will allow for more timely and informed treatment strategies and practices and improve personalised medicine,” Berens said.

Ingenuity Systems CSO and CTO Doug Bassett said that their partnership with TransMed will provide a streamlined platform from which researchers and clinicians will be able to collect and analyze data, link genotypes to phenotypes, identify potential biomarkers, generate powerful and informed hypotheses, and understand the molecular differences between patient populations for improved diagnostics and therapeutics.