There are no other oxygen flow meters in the market that work in-line with an infant nasal cannula, stated Christopher Wirth, Chief Operations Officer. These cannulas will be available for sale in August, 2009.

We have introduced the new Oxyview Nasal Cannula to our existing distribution, and have received orders for several hundred of the new nasal cannulas since the introduction in June. We expect sales to continue to increase, and will provide an accounting of sales in our next quarterly report ending August 31, 2009, stated Thomas J. Neavitt, Chief Financial Officer.

Our OEM partner, Neotech Products, Inc., specializes in the neonatal markets. I have personally worked with Arnold Heyman, MD, founder of Neotech Products, and we will offer this company distribution rights to the new product. We are also seeking larger distributors to replace the smaller distributorships we currently have in certain US territories. We are addressing the reorganization of our distribution to meet the needs of the new Oxyview Adult and Infant Nasal Cannula, stated Scott R. Sand, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board.