Ingen has reported signing of a supply agreement with Amsimo. As per the agreement, Ingen and Amsino will manufacture the Oxyview and Oxyview Nasal Cannula at a low cost, as compared to current manufacturing costs. The Supply Agreement is effective for a three-year term and is renewable.

Ingen said that it is ready for ISO 13485 Certification and is waiting in line for an audit date in January 2010. The company expects to be certified and the CE mark and distribution of product will follow. The company also expects GSA approval and will make the announcement in January.

Both ISO certification and GSA will expand product distribution to US Government branches, inclusive of the Department of Defense and the VA Hospital network, as well as export to China, Japan, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Scott Sand, chief executive officer and chairman of Ingen, said: “We look forward to working with Richard Lee, CEO of Amsino, and his professional team. This agreement allows Ingen to reduce manufacturing costs by 40%, and increase efficiency and quality of our respiratory product line.

“Amsino International was introduced to us through Pacific Pearl Group, our Investment Banking consultants, who have evaluated Amsino as a good fit for manufacturing and distribution of the Ingen product line. With ISO certification near completion and GSA close to approval, the relationship between Amsino and Ingen is expected to be a prosperous one.”