The intent of the grant is to further develop medical imaging businesses in the State of Ohio. Including in-kind commitments from three collaborating companies in the state of Ohio, the total value of the grant to INRIS exceeds $1.1m.

The VascularViewer reduces the pain and discomfort associated with vascular access by reducing the number of attempts needed to complete a successful ‘stick, thereby improving operating efficiency.

James Sharpe, CEO of INRIS, said: “We are gratified to receive this grant, which will allow us to complete engineering modifications on the VascularViewer. The improvements have been suggested to us by hospitals who have trialed our device, including The Mayo Clinic, St Jude’s Children’s Cancer Research Center, Children’s Hospital of Atlanta and Grady Memorial Hospital in Delaware, Ohio.

“Once these changes are completed, we will initiate the commercial launch of the VascularViewer. The Vascular Viewer is an exciting product that addresses the needs of the current healthcare environment by improving patient care while also reducing costs for the hospital.”

Dale Siegel, president and founder of INRIS, said: “With the OTF funds and the efforts of our collaborators we will be able to consolidate and grow our operations in Ohio. We look forward to working with OTF and our Ohio based collaborators to launch the VascularViewer, to make INRIS a success, and to do our part in building the economy of Ohio.”