The MoMe system, a universal remote patient monitoring platform, allows physicians to quickly and accurately diagnosis and treat patients. The system provides seamless transition between Holter, Event, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry modes.

With the initial product focused on detecting cardiac arrhythmias, MoMe offers a comprehensive remote monitoring solution including an extensive cloud-based architecture for analysis, a patient device, and a physician user interface for remote management.

According to the company, the MoMe system draws on the recent convergence of medical devices, database analytics, new sensors, and wireless protocols to provide a universal patient monitoring platform complete with real-time, high-quality patient data for improved arrhythmia detection.

InfoBionic CEO Nancy Briefs noted the company is pleased to receive CE Mark for the MoMe system.

"We believe the system will transform the arrhythmia monitoring market by offering superior arrhythmia detection and favorable physician practice economics. We look forward to commercializing our first product for cardiac arrhythmia monitoring in early 2014," Briefs added.