Infineon claims that the smart deployment of functions makes it suitable for use in different electronic applications in medical technology like electronic blood sugar and blood pressure meters, electrochemical analyses and fitness devices, which can transmit their readings automatically via mobile communication to the doctor’s or hospital’s computer systems.

The MD8710’s customer-specific analysis software can be implemented on the integrated, energy efficient high-performance ARM Cortex R4 processor and the analog analysis stage permits multiple stimuli with synchronous measurement easily with photo and sensor applications.

The smart power management unit incorporated saves board space and enables portable, battery-powered devices in compact formats and allows more cost-effective and energy-efficient medical technology devices to be developed.

In addition to integrating the standard transmission technologies such as USB and Bluetooth into the device for the simple and reliable exchange of data, Infineon as a member of the Continua Health Alliance provides support for the respective protocols and standards.

Infineon Technologies ASIC and Power IC Marketing senior director Kurt Marquardt said that with the new Medical Platform, Infineon supports the development of medical devices with technologies, enabling cost-effective diagnosis and patient treatment and the platform makes the sophisticated medical measuring technology possible in portable formats.