The radiology and IT staff evaluated eight suppliers and unanimously selected Carestream, according to John Wiggins, the hospital’s IT Technical Services Manager.

“We needed to replace our existing PACS and proprietary archive with a next-generation solution that delivers more comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, and can consolidate specialized and standalone functions into an integrated platform,” Wiggins reports.

 “Carestream excels at integrating disparate data into a radiology workflow that delivers enhanced productivity. And content-rich reports offer greater clinical value to referring physicians.”

The new workflow includes structured reporting with an intuitive user interface, time-saving features such as customizable and shared templates, ability to insert key images, advanced visualization capabilities including tumor tracking and integration of mammography and cardiology images.

“We like the user friendliness of the PACS and the increased efficiency of reporting with templates tied to individual orders that automatically launch. Integrating key images into the report emphasizes findings for the referring physicians, as well as quickly focusing the radiologist's attention to areas of interest on follow-up studies,” said Dr. John Dean, President of Marion General Radiology, Inc., and Director of Radiology, Marion General Hospital.

“Tumor tracking and analysis helps to quickly and efficiently explain through graphs and numbers the improvement or worsening of cancer patients over time with analysis of tumor doubling time and response to chemotherapy,” he explains.

Dr. Dean adds that he “likes having the ultrasound measurements automatically populate in the report.” Previously, radiologists had to retrieve ultrasound measurement data from imaging systems and dictate measurements into the report.

More than 100 physicians have access to patient data using the Vue Motion universal viewer, according to Wiggins. “Secure access to imaging studies is available quickly and easily for onsite and offsite physicians. We believe this viewer is a vital tool that can help physicians in making timely treatment decisions.”

The Vue Motion viewer offers convenient access to a patient’s clinical history including images, video, waveforms and reports from FDA-approved mobile devices.

The hospital also replaced its proprietary archive with Carestream’s Vue Archive.

 Carestream migrated two years of radiology PACS as well as echo studies and catheterization data for the hospital. Long-term data was transferred from tape to the central archive.