The Cypher One system is an affordable instrument and software package, which is said to automate the interpretation of hemagglutination and hemagglutination inhibition assays.

InDevR CEO Kathy Rowlen said: "While considered a gold standard method in vaccine immunogenicity studies, the reliability of the HI assay has suffered from a manual analysis process that lacks standardization.

"The Cypher One system typifies our dedication to support global initiatives to improve influenza vaccines, as well as our company’s mission to advance vaccine development and manufacturing through innovative analytical tools that provide superior results."

Hemagglutination assays are mostly used in serology and virology, with applications ranging from blood typing to vaccine efficacy.

Currently, hemagglutination assays depend on subjective and manual interpretation that may result significant variations in the measurement between technicians and laboratories.

To address these problems, the company developed an advanced optical analyzer with proprietary software to automate and standardize results interpretation.

The company plans to start shipping of first commercial units in September this year.

Image: The Cypher One automated hemagglutination analyzer for rapid and reliable interpretation of HA and HI assays. Photo: courtesy of InDevR/ Marketwired.