In2Bones Global, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of bone and joint restoration products for extremities, trauma, and biologics, today announces the FDA clearance of OrthoPlanify™ patient-specific planning software and 3D-printed cutting guides, both part of the company’s QUANTUM®Total Ankle System.

In2Bones’ Orthoplanify software integrates patient CT scans and X-rays, enabling surgeons to easily modify, adjust, and manipulate placement of the QUANTUM Total Ankle System implant prior to surgery.

During surgery, the Total Ankle System’s custom 3D-printed cutting guides save surgeons multiple steps and allow for precision bone cuts and more accurate implant alignment when compared with manual instrumentation.

“I think it’s incredibly educational to be able to look at the anatomic structures of the joint ahead of time for each individual patient, and directly manipulate your plan accordingly,” says M. Truitt Cooper, MD at UVA Health in Charlottesville, VA. “The capabilities of OrthoPlanify software makes it truly unique.”

In2Bones will showcase the software, 3D-printed cutting guides and the complete QUANTUM Total Ankle System at the upcoming annual meetings of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, exhibit 515, and American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society, exhibit 615, in San Diego, September 1-3, and in Charlotte, NC, September 22-24, respectively.

The QUANTUM Total Ankle System – for patients with arthritis – is designed to provide unsurpassed implant stability due to its unique vertical, cruciate-shaped tibial stem. The talar component, available in flat and chamfer cut options, features an anatomically designed double radius of curvature. This combination is intended to improve function and longevity compared to currently available total ankle products.

“This Total Ankle System, paired with the technologically advanced, patient matched software and 3D-printed cutting guides, demonstrates In2Bones’ commitment to addressing the unmet challenges of the total ankle market. It illustrates the strength of our global team of expert surgeons who developed an advanced, streamlined and versatile System,” says Jon Simon, Executive Vice President of Marketing for In2Bones.

The QUANTUM Total Ankle System provides In2Bones a strategic advantage in one of the fastest-growing segments of the extremity market.

Source: Company Press Release