IMRIS Inc announced CE Mark approval for its x-ray angiography and integrated MR imaging suite which enables physicians to diagnose, resolve, intervene and confirm the effectiveness of treatment with one integrated system. With the CE Mark approval, the company will immediately commence marketing of the two products in Europe: IMRISNV for stroke management and advanced neurovascular interventions and IMRIScardio for cardiovascular interventions. IMRISNV features a 3T MRI scanner and a bi-plane angiography system which is specifically designed to co-exist in the same suite. Patients with acute ischemic stroke, transition seamlessly from MR imaging to intervention without even moving from the table. After and during the intervention, new MR images can be taken to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. It is designed to shorten transition time between imaging modalities improve patient outcomes and decrease the overall time for treatment. IMRIScardio features a 1.5T MRI scanner which provides images that can improve the physician's ability to visualize the cardiovascular system during, befor and after an intervention. IMRIScardio with an integrated single-plane angiography system is designed to improve patient outcomes by decreasing the overall time for cardiovascular interventions and minimizing the patient's exposure to radiation and contrast media.