Advantage-MR is claimed to be the first-of-its-kind MR conditional recording system for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guided electrophysiology (EP) procedures.

The system, along with the firm’s Vision-MR ablation catheter, enables physicians to carry out cardiac ablations under real-time MRI guidance.

Imricor Medical Systems president and CEO Steve Wedan said: "MRI is clearly the future of interventional electrophysiology, and Imricor is the key to that future.

"With MRI, doctors can, for the first time, see the hearts they are working on throughout their procedures; they can see the results of the therapy they deliver; and they can do all this without exposing their patients or themselves to dangerous radiation.

"At Imricor, we are delivering the MRI compatible devices needed to perform these procedures in the MRI lab and, in turn, transforming the field of electrophysiology."

Advantage-MR system, which offers the full functionality of an EP recording system and cardiac stimulator within the MRI environment, deals with the display and recording of intracardiac electrograms.

It will also involve in the pacing functions and tip temperature monitoring.

The system will deliver RF energy for ablation procedures, when used with a compatible radiofrequency (RF) generator.