“We’re very excited to be moving forward with Dr. Adams and his team at the Rehabilitation Associates Medical Group as well as Dr. Riff and his group at Advanced Clinical Research Institute,” states Dr. Alan Goldman, Vice President for Clinical and Medical Affairs for iTech Medical. “We believe the population in Long Beach and Anaheim has an appropriate cross section of the American population in gender, ethnicity and employment/occupational diversity to become a valuable center for our clinical research. The current waiting period for the trial at the Utah Spine and Joint Center is roughly four weeks and we felt it was an appropriate time to expand the number of sites participating in our study.”

“Sprains and strains are the most common reason for back and neck pain and the second most frequent reason, after the common cold, for a visit to a doctor’s office, so it’s no surprise that the interest in our study is so strong.” said Dr. Goldman. “We believe the availability of our MPR System as an evaluation tool to a healthcare provider for patients with soft tissue, non-surgical neck or back complaints will substantially improve the accuracy of diagnosis, rehabilitation and case management decisions,” added Goldman.

Impact Medical Solutions announced that it had already completed testing on more than 250 study subjects for the clinical trial in Salt Lake City, UT since the trial was first announced on February 25, 2009 and that patient recruitment continues to be strong and is ongoing.