The study results showed the ‘CEL-2000-DepoVax’ combination considerably lessened the symptoms and slowed the progression of RA in the animal model with a single dose.

The two companies will continue their research efforts to further optimise the CEL-2000-DepoVax vaccine combination for possible testing in future Phase I clinical trials.

CEL-2000 has the potential to slow the progression of rheumatoid arthritis and the DepoVax vaccine delivery technology is amenable to manufacturing and scale up in a GMP setting, providing the potential for quicker clinical development, Immunovaccine said.

Immunovaccine Research and Development vice president Marc Mansour said that they are extremely pleased that CEL-2000, when delivered in our platform, proved efficacious with as little as one dose.

“These results provide further validation of the broad potential of our DepoVax vaccine delivery technology,” Mansour said.