As part of the acquisition, iMedX adds TIO’s many clinics, hospitals and surgery centers, primarily in Ohio to its customer base.

TIO customers will also have access to advanced technology through iMedX’s cloud-based healthcare information solutions including TurboFlow transcription management platform, TurboScribe document management, and TurboRx electronic prescribing.

TIO customers can also access iMedX’s TurboDox which will increase physician usage of electronic health records (EHRs) through dictation and will help doctors remain productive even as EHR’s are being implemented.

iMedX president and CEO Venkat Sharma said TIO’s current production and operations team will continue to support and grow its loyal customer base as TIO customers are integrated into iMedX.

"TIO customers will benefit greatly from iMedX’s paperless technology and innovative cloud-based healthcare information solutions to help compliance with the new ‘meaningful use’ requirements placed on electronic medical records," Sharma added.