The IMDx VanR for Abbott m2000 test distinguishes and detects the vanA and vanB genes found in vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) and provides solution for early detection of pathogens associated with common healthcare-associated infections.

The automated nature of the VanR test aids clinicians to obtain results in less than 3 hours for up to 48 patient samples, and up to 94 patient samples in less than 4 hours.

IMDx chairman and CEO Alice Jacobs said at IMDx, they have developed proprietary software analytic tools, enabling them to produce tests that are sensitive, cost-effective, and rapid alternatives to existing culture-based screening methods for vancomycin-resistant infections.

"We are proud to offer physicians the ability to make timely, informed decisions about patient care in order to aid in preventing the spread of healthcare-associated infections," Jacobs said.