Imbed Biosciences, a privately-held biotech company emerging as a leader in the development of advanced therapies for burns, chronic ulcers, and surgical wounds, announced today the launch of its new corporate and product brand identities, redesigned logos, and websites.

These changes come at a time when the company is seeing wider clinical adoption of its novel FDA-cleared next-generation antimicrobial matrix product, Microlyte Matrix.

Microlyte® is made with bioresorbable polymers and a patented antimicrobial silver nanotechnology. Its ultrathin form factor – thinner than a human hair – allows the matrix to intimately conform to the underlying wound bed, kill bacteria hiding in deep wound tissue, and prevent biofilm colonization. The matrix is ultimately absorbed into the body, eliminating painful removal.

“In the last year, Microlyte® Matrix has experienced increased usage in settings across the healthcare spectrum,” said Jeff Dalsin, PhD, Vice President of Products. “The new brand identity for Microlyte® reinforces it as the ‘go-to’ product for the management of all surgical, traumatic, and chronic wounds. The refreshed Imbed logo and color scheme speak to the company’s vision to build advanced therapies in the broad area of controlled drug delivery.”

The newly redesigned website features easy-to-navigate pages for both patients and healthcare professionals with information appropriate for each audience. “We want Microlyte® website to be an educational resource for both patients and clinicians,” said Dalsin.

“Microlyte is now stocked on the formulary of several large hospital systems in U.S. and carried by national distributors, all listed on the new website,” said Chris Lyon, Vice President of Sales. “The website contains additional information for hospital administrators, including favorable economic outcomes associated with Microlyte® use.”

Imbed partnered with the team at Altabos, a Cincinnati firm, to build the brand. “The new branding represents a significant step forward in the commercial life of the company and its products. I am thrilled with the outcome of this effort and expect it to be well-received in the marketplace,” noted co-founder and CEO, Ankit Agarwal, PhD.

Imbed is a privately held biotech company registered with FDA as a medical device manufacturer with an ISO 13485 certified quality management system. The company has a portfolio of products in development based on its patented Microlyte® technology to combat local pain and infections in complex wounds such as burns, chronic ulcers, surgical wounds, epidermolysis bullosa, and colorectal surgeries.

Source: Company Press Release