Imalux Corporation and Preventive Oncology International, Inc. (POI) jointly conducted two studies aiming to determine the diagnostic efficacy of real time Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). The IRB-approved studies that took place China in partnership with the Peking University Shenzhen Hospital and the Renmin Hospital in Buyi-Miao Autonomous District of Guizhou Province was first conducted in December 2007 and second study was conducted in April 2008. Approximately two thousand eight hundred OCT images were taken from two thousand women and compared with diagnostic impression and pathologic findings to determine the accuracy of OCT. The results showed statistically significant abilities of OCT to differentiate grades of pre-invasive cervical dysplasia prior to biopsy. In may Epidemiologist Dr. Suzanne Belinson (POI) will be presenting the statistical findings of the study at the 25th International Papillomavirus Conference in Malmo, Sweden. Her conclusions drawn are based on the analysis of differences in the brightness of cervical epithelium images. Her findings show that the mean brightness differed significantly between each histological grade (p-values 0.000) for the comparisons of two grades of precancerous dysplasia (CIN II, CIN III) and their comparisons to cancer, as well as squamous metaplasia to cancer. Dr. Jerome Belinson, Founder and President of POI said that the Niris System may well be able to provide a rapid, accurate, and efficient method for a single episode of care for cervical dysplasia.