Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc., (Imaging Diagnostic Systems), a diagnostic imaging company, has announced new direction to its marketing strategy and launched a new campaign focusing on the international market. The company management secured new distributors for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and hired a managing director to market the CT Laser Mammography System (CTLM) in the UAE and parts of the Middle East.

“This is one of the many international conferences we will be attending in hopes to retain new distributors to market our CTLM system. We are disappointed with the performance of our previous distributors, which inspired this new direction for our international marketing efforts,” stated Deborah O’Brien, senior vice president of Imaging Diagnostic Systems. “Arab Health was very beneficial to us as it enabled us to meet with dignitaries and distributors from around the Middle East who are interested in the CTLM system, but are difficult to speak with directly. The system’s innovative approach to detecting breast cancer and the discreet method in which the patient is examined was well received. I am confident that this is only the beginning of several distributors we will sign on and gain more sales as a result.”

The company is in negotiations with distributors representing Oman, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Yemen, Belgrade and Syria.