ImaCor said that Mr Pellerito has served as president and CEO of ONI Medical Systems, where he successfully doubled the business globally and sold to GE Medical Systems in 2009. Prior to that role, Mr Pellerito served as vice president and general manager for GE Healthcare’s ultrasound business, where he grew the business from $35m to over $450m in sales.

Reportedly, before GE, Mr Pellerito rose to the position of worldwide director and vice president at Advanced Technology Laboratories where he held leadership positions in product development, sales, marketing, and operations.

Mr Pellerito, said: “I was delighted to be asked to build another exciting company globally. I was particularly impressed with the team’s domain expertise and passion to drive efficacy in this healthcare environment. This unique and elegant application helps answer questions of cardiac filling and function at the most critical time within the ICU and perioperative environments. It is our vision to have ClariTEE probes in ICU patients all around the world.”

Scott Roth, founder and chief medical officer of ImaCor, said: “We are excited to have someone with Peter’s experience in innovative technology and direct industry expertise to lead our company. We are confident that Peter’s past success in building global businesses will accelerate our growth and the emerging application of TEE monitoring.”

William Doyle of WFD Ventures and chairman of ImaCor, said: “Peter has been extremely successful growing businesses and developing new clinical applications in the arena of medical imaging. We are very confident that Peter will continue this trend and establish a global business leveraging ImaCor’s core technology.”