Curt Van Tassell of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, worked with Illumina to develop GoldenGate Indexing and are now working on a custom panel for screening livestock. Illumina’s new GoldenGate Indexing provides higher degree of multiplexing options for researchers.

“Both livestock and crop researchers have a vested interest in adopting low-plex, high-sample throughput genotyping as a more efficient method for screening. GoldenGate Indexing offers genetic laboratories the opportunity to expand their existing efforts in molecular breeding with a low-cost, fully automated system for fixed and custom content studies,” said Joel McComb, senior vice president and general manager of Illumina’s Life Sciences business unit.

The Illumina GoldenGate Assay provides consistent, high-quality genotyping results. GoldenGate Indexing leverages this proven technology by evolving it into a high-sample throughput solution with fully integrated automation and sample tracking capabilities.