Nextera kit includes a simple assay that fragments DNA and inserts sequencing adapters and barcodes, all in a single tube, and facilitates researchers to prepare and sequence small genomes, PCR amplicons, and plasmids.

Nextera when combined with the company’s MiSeq system, provides result in very quick time as well as enable researchers to go from genomic DNA to analyzed data in less than 8 hours.

Illumina genomic solutions business senior vice president and general manager Christian Henry said whether you are sequencing bacterial or viral genomes, plasmids, or PCR amplicons, the Nextera XT DNA Sample Preparation kit delivers the fastest time to answer.

"Researchers will easily and cost-effectively be able to prepare a large number of amplicons by simultaneously pooling and preparing them with Nextera XT," Henry added.

"Up to 96 samples can then be combined and rapidly sequenced to enable flexible and scalable study design."