Designed to increase laboratory efficiency for population-scale, human whole-genome sequencing (HWGS), this new offering provides a complete solution for Illumina customers who need streamlined workflows with integrated sample tracking and fast and accurate analysis solutions.

Illumina partnered with GenoLogics and Hamilton Robotics to provide this streamlined end-to-end solution which includes Clarity LIMS X Edition, Microlab STAR liquid handling robotics, HiSeq Analysis Software (HAS) v2.0 and Illumina SeqLab Consulting Service.

"This complete solution was important in our decision to purchase the HiSeq X System and to undertake population-scale whole-genome sequencing of large well-characterized cohorts in Scotland," said Professor David Hume, Director of The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh, which provided funding along with the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council for the HiSeq X System to be installed in the Institute.

Professor Tim Aitman, Director of Clinical Genomics in Edinburgh Genomics at the University of Edinburgh, added, "Having access to the best-in-class tools and quick access to service gives us confidence that we can ramp up quickly and spend more time studying the genomes of cancer patients, children with rare diseases, and people with disorders of the central nervous system, while spending less time on setting up our sequencing center."

For laboratories that are new to population-level sequencing, developing and configuring the laboratory automation and software capabilities needed to process thousands of genomes per year can take significant resources and an extended period of time.

The Illumina SeqLab plug-and-play solution helps laboratories maximize efficiency, optimize laboratory utilization and streamline analysis to enable maximum sample throughput in as little as six weeks. Moreover, it helps laboratories to deliver sequence results with confidence by enabling positive sample tracking throughout the laboratory process.

As part of the service, expert consultants provide customers with detailed recommendations as they deploy Illumina’s suite of world-class technologies, leveraging the company’s more than 15 years of experience with genomics.

"The interest we’ve seen in population-scale sequencing as a result of the launch of the Illumina HiSeq X Ten Sequencing System last year and subsequent launch of the Illumina HiSeq X Five Sequencing System has far outpaced our expectations," said Illumina Senior Vice President of Life Sciences, Kirk Malloy.