According to the company, users can regularly monitor their blood glucose levels by using the wireless smart gluco-monitoring device, which comes with everything a consumer needs for measuring, tracking and sharing their blood glucose readings.

iHealth Lab president Adam Lin noted the company’s new glucose monitor is an important and highly anticipated addition to its existing line of mobile personal health products.

"There is a strong relationship between diabetes and heart disease, so measuring, recording and tracking all your vitals from weight and BMI, to blood pressure, to blood glucose levels, is becoming increasingly important.

"We are focused on helping individuals lead healthier lives by delivering a full suite of connected mobile health devices that makes it simple for users to take an active role in managing their health and wellness," Lin added.

iHealth Lab’s new blood glucose monitor sends the readings automatically to a smart phone or tablet wirelessly and the data is automatically stored in the cloud.

The device allows users to track trends over time, set up reminders to take medications and track test strip expiration dates automatically without requiring counting or coding.

Users can pair the device with their mobile device using the companion iHealth Gluco-Smart App.

iHealth Gluco-Smart App is available for free from Google Play for Android devices and from the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The glucose monitor, including 50 test strips, is now available at a price of $79.95 at select Best Buy stores nationwide, at and at

The device will be available at a leading national drug retail chain in the near future.