The Ideal Life system, a remote health monitoring system, is expected to provide two-way communication between the patient and the provider or health coach within the monitoring device, eliminating the need for expensive additional devices.

The self-service kiosks allow unlimited users to connect with providers at reduced connectivity charges, giving entire communities unprecedented access to healthcare and to two-way educational communication at the point of care.

Ideal Life’s products also automatically populate and integrate seamlessly with the provider’s data collection systems and with electronic medical records, so that this vital data can be accessed at any time and at any location.

Ideal Life president and founder Jason Goldberg said that this historic agreement proves that they deliver on their promise to improve health on a global scale.

"With easy-to-use, interactive kiosks and remote health monitoring devices, individuals in villages, in community centers, and in large cities can have their health information recorded and instantly transmitted to their health care provider in a way that fits their lifestyle," Goldberg said.