Tom Boon, IDC’s president and chief executive officer said, “Robin was the founder of this company and instrumental in developing IDC’s extensive portfolio of products and intellectual property in the field of digital radiography. Robin’s innovations and commitment to the science of digital radiography has made him a respected member of the medical community internationally. We are very pleased to be able to continue in an ongoing relationship with Robin.”

“Imaging Dynamics has been an all encompassing passion for me and with nearly 1,800 installations in almost 40 countries, I leave my role as CTO with a great amount of satisfaction and pride,” said Robin Winsor. “With the significant positive feedback we continue to receive on the improvements made through our recent launch of the Magellan 3.4 and Sirius 1.4 software platforms, it was the right time to reduce my involvement in the day to day operations of the Company. I am fortunate to have had a very talented research and development team and I am confident they will continue to advance the technology.”

“In the face of seemingly impossible odds, Robin and IDC have proven that CCD based digital radiography is a viable and in fact the preferred digital radiography technology for many applications,” said Tom Boon. “For this IDC will always be indebted to Robin and we wish him the best in his future endeavours.”