Under the agreement, IDbyDNA will license the Explify platform for Fleury’s utilization in high quality clinical metagenomic testing. Fleury labs provides healthcare analysis services across South America, with over 9,100 employees and 2,100 physicians.

Explify is IDbyDNA’s metagenomics technology platform that simultaneously profiles tens of thousands of microorganisms and pathogens in any sample to deliver actionable information to healthcare providers.

Fleury Group chief medical officer Edgar Gil Rizzatti said: “Working with IDbyDNA allows us to enhance our pathogen detection portfolio adding novel genomic diagnostic tests for complex infection cases; assisting physicians to get a fast and safe solution.

“Partnering with IDbyDNA helps us to develop and distribute cutting-edge genomic tests and contribute to the sustainability of the health system.”

IDbyDNA’s CEO, Guochun Liao said: “This agreement is a great example of our continuing the execution of our business model, to supply clinical laboratories with an easy to implement sample-to-report solution enabling them to build their own high-quality clinical metagenomics testing programs.”

“These collaborations will allow us to rapidly form distribution channels through our top tier partner laboratories such as Fleury Group, with fast and agile product development for their various markets, and robust scalability according to our partners’ size and needs.

“ Using this mechanism in addition to providing our advanced metagenomic platforms to large markets, we’re also getting access to more pathogen genomic information to improve our database even further.”

As part of the collaboration, Fleury Group will integrate Explify into their own laboratory work flow and develop a full suite of Explify-based clinical testing, starting with Explify Respiratory.

Fleury expects to quickly develop and launch other NGS-based metagenomic tests using the Explify platform, such as analyses for brain infections, joint infections, and blood-based infections.

The Explify Platform simultaneously profiles tens of thousands of microorganisms and pathogens in any sample to deliver actionable information to healthcare providers. This turn-key solution enables clinical laboratories to offer NGS-based metagenomics testing for infectious disease.

From sample preparation to report delivery, the Explify Platform manages laboratory workflow, analyzes metagenomics data, and provides applications for clinical review, quality control and reporting. The Explify Platform offers clinical laboratories a streamlined path to offering unbiased, NGS-based Infectious Disease tests that are more comprehensive, and more accurate than conventional tests.

Explify metagenomics analysis is a proprietary DNA search engine that analyzes tens of millions of Next-Generation Sequencing reads within minutes to enable the detection of tens of thousands of microorganisms.

The proprietary Explify database includes millions of curated DNA and RNA reference sequences and can identify more than 50,000 microorganisms and over 3,000 known common and rare pathogens.

Source: Company Press Release