The ETurn Ti Lumbar Spacer is a continuous carbon fibre PEEK lumbar fusion device with a tita-nium coating. It is used for posterior intersomatic spondylodesis (PLIF, TLIF and EPLIF). The tita-nium coating promotes direct bone on-growth to the implant and will improve implant incor-poration, said the company.

Roger Stadler, CEO of icotec, said: “We are proud to be the first company to combine the best features of two well-established materials in one spine product: The CF/PEEK has mechanical properties superior to PEEK and offers optimal imaging conditions, whereas the porous titanium coating on the implant will provide an excellent interface for direct and fast bony integration.”

Fritz Magerl, professor, senior scientific medical advisor at icotec, who developed and pro-motes the sub-muscular EPLIF approach said: “The ETurn Lumbar Spacer has a unique guid-ing surface. Surgeons using this implant are very much in favor of the self-positioning features of the implant. These features improve the surgical technique and minimize risk of failures”