In an earlier clinical study, Ichor’s TriGrid was shown to enhance immune responses to DNA vaccination in human subjects compared to conventional injection.

Ichor claimed that its TriGrid, as an automated, push-button electroporation system, minimises operator error and ensures safe and reproducible administration of DNA, thereby supporting the development and commercialisation of DNA-based products.

John Eldridge, chief scientific officer of Profectus, said: “We are excited to be entering into the clinic using Ichor’s TriGrid delivery system for the delivery of our DNA vaccines both alone, and in prime/boost combination with our rVSV vaccine vector. Profectus has made significant clinical progress in advancing our vaccine programs using this multi-pronged approach.

‘We believe that by combining our proprietary DNA vaccine technology with novel molecular adjuvants, improved formulation and a powerful delivery system, Profectus will overcome the previous challenges of efficiently delivering DNA vaccines in-vivo.”

Bob Bernard, CEO of Ichor, said: “We are delighted to be working with the experienced team at Profectus and believe this Agreement further validates the utility of our TriGrid technologies for a variety of DNA vaccine approaches. We are pleased to provide our enabling TriGrid technology to Profectus for clinical delivery of its ProfectusVAX portfolio of DNA vaccines.”