The breast cancers that were not detected earlier are detected by computer-aided detection (CAD) with computed radiography (CR) in the multicenter study. Dr. Brem’s findings showed that of the confirmed cancers, 55 percent were missed by at least one of the six readers. CAD correctly pinpointed 88 percent of all cancers, adding further evidence of the clinical need for CAD with CR.

“Even under ideal circumstances, it can be difficult for radiologists to determine what abnormalities in a mammogram could be cancerous and warrant closer evaluation,” said Dr. Brem. “Our research confirmed that by adding computer-aided detection, readers are better equipped to detect breast cancers that otherwise would not be identified.”

Real-time demonstrations, panel discussions and clinical evaluations of iCAD’s technology were shared at CARS.

“iCAD is dedicated to providing radiologists with the tools they need to help them find more cancers at an earlier stage,” said Ken Ferry, President and CEO of iCAD. “Dr. Brem’s study utilizing SecondLook CAD further supports the comprehensive body of evidence that has helped iCAD become a global market leader in CAD solutions for breast, prostate and colon cancers.”