The PowerLook AMP is a computer-aided detection (CAD) system which provides tissue and lesion characteristics to support the breast imager’s workflow.

The system, which features modular design, integrates Matakina’s Volpara volumetric software to demonstrate the breast density.

In addition, PowerLook AMP uses a multi-vendor CAD server which allows hospitals and imaging facilities to connect up to four mammography acquisition devices regardless of vendor.

iCAD CEO Ken Ferry said PowerLook AMP extendable platform will provide radiologists the flexibility to meet their current needs while preparing their facility for future changes in breast imaging technology.

"By integrating Matakina’s breast density assessment tool with iCAD’s PowerLook AMP, we are offering radiologists a more comprehensive, objective measurement tool for breast density, which will help in the assessment of mammograms," Ferry added.

"The launch of PowerLook AMP represents a considerable revenue opportunity for iCAD over time as we plan to market it as an upgrade to our installed base of more than 4,000 systems in the U.S."