Xoft‘s Axxent System, which delivers electronically-controlled radiation therapy directly to cancer sites with minimal radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue, is FDA-cleared for the treatment of early stage breast cancer, endometrial cancer and skin cancer, and for the treatment of other cancers or conditions where radiation therapy is indicated.

The portable Axxent technology is approved for accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI), which can be delivered twice daily for five days or it can be administered following the lumpectomy procedure in only few minutes with Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT).

Xoft’s technology helps breast conservation therapy (BCT) women in adhering to radiation therapy guidelines.

ICAD president and CEO Ken Ferry said that their new combined company is well positioned for long-term growth and to accelerate the adoption of new standards of care in oncology.

"By combining our innovative solutions, iCAD and Xoft can empower clinicians to improve patient outcomes through collaborative delivery of more targeted cancer detection, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring," Ferry said.

Xoft former president and CEO Michael Klein said that Xoft’s technology expands patient access to potentially life-saving treatments globally and provides a compelling treatment alternative to traditional external beam radiation, which is administered five days per week over a six to seven week timeframe.

"We are excited to join with iCAD on our mission to increase access to targeted radiation therapy, improve patient outcomes and better the experience for patients during their cancer treatments," Klein said.